McGoldrick Airtightness Services review a property to find what it needs to keep air leakage at an absolute minimum.

An air tight sealed building won’t lose heat through cracks and gaps that can exist in even recently built homes. You property will be easier to heat, more energy efficient and cost you less in heating bills. 

What is the Air Tightness Service?

We visit your property to complete  comprehensive assessment of the property.  Our expert team assess the airtightness of the property and report the problem areas where air is allowed to flow freely. This will causing draughts and allow energy to escape. We then report to you what actions to tale on your property. 

In your Property we Review:

  • All Windows
  • Door: Surrounds, Keyholes, letterboxes and cat flaps
  • Electric fittings
  • Floor-board Gaps
  • Loft hatch(es)
  • Joints between Wall and ceiling
  • Open fires or areas with open flues
  • Rooms that require extraction: Utility, kitchen and bathrooms